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Pond Talk

    At Living Earth Landscapes we are so 'pond crazy' that if given the opportunity, that's all we would do. Even though it remains just one aspect of what we offer, the enjoyment it brings is very contagious. 
    Backyard ecosystems are what we promote and a pond is a main feature of that system. The wildlife enhancement, the low maintenance approach and the unique tranquility of what a custom pond can offer is just the beginning of what a pond can do for you and your property.
    Over the years we have found that in Humboldt is that there are many great pond owners but also many not so great ponds and that has created the myth that owning a pond is a chore and a liability. We are here to say that it is simply not so. When done right a pond is a joy and a feature that continues to give back in so many ways. We use an approach that creates a safe, clean and low maintenance pond that will quickly become a destination rather than an eyesore.
    Given the state of our economy and the trials that come with travel, many people are looking at their backyard as the place to bring some of the things that make us go other places. For the price of a family vacation or two, your backyard could be transformed into a private oasis, reminiscent of your favorite destination or a retreat that blends perfectly with our environment.
    Through extensive training and a deep appreciation for environmentally sound practices, Living Earth Landscapes is able to implement many features not available just a few years ago such as a rain harvest and reuse system that is designed to blend into the environment and provide wildlife habitat and water for your garden. Or the use of high efficiency pumps and multiple pumps to lower the carbon footprint created by using pumps to recirculate water. Here are a couple of facts;
1. A pond uses less oil than a lawn of the same square footage. (unless you use a push mower and never water or fertilize)
2. A properly built pond does not require a UV filter. A well built pond will have a balance of plants, fish and biological filtration.
3. Predators can be avoided with a properly built pond. The blue heron is the only one with legitimate credentials, but there are ways around them too.
4. Safety is always a concern, but a properly built pond is done with shelfs and the first shelf is only just above your ankle and the next shelf is to your knee with the deepest and smallest part at about 2 feet. So if a child fell in they could stand up and be fine. Of course education is always key when children are around.
5. Mosquitoes need still water. Between the always moving water and the fish that inhabit it, A forgotten Frisbee in the yard will produce many more mosquitoes than a well built pond.
6. Ponds have gained huge popularity across the country and when done right have a much better chance of increasing the value of your properly than ever before.
     If the only reason you spend time in your yard is to mow the grass, then consider the alternative, an oasis that gives and gives.
    Now for the numbers. These are general average costs that our clients have reported back to us on the cost of running their ponds 24/7 with standard pumps.

per month
up 2500 gallon pond = $30.
2500-4500 gallon pond = $50.-$100
7500-10,00 gallon pond = $200+

you could easily spend that much to have someone come and keep your grass mowed.
So, if you are still reading this then check out the SPECIALS page and see our 5 step process to your new pond and when we are done you'll be POND CRAZY like us. Thanks and SEE YOU SOON.




 Spring is coming and this is the best time to asses your pond and decide whether it is there for you or if you are there for it. If your pond has felt like a constant chore or has always leaked, or runs your electric bill through the roof, then now is a great time to come in and talk to Keith about what can be done. Owning a pond should be a fun and rewarding. We are here to help whether your pond is old or if you are still deciding on whether to take the plunge. Come to one of our presentations or invite Keith to your house for an estimate and/or consultation. Remember, there are many ways to incorporate water in your garden. Just ask us how. See you soon.


     Winter is here and it feels like a cold one. Here are our winter tips for your pond
  • Stop feeding your fish. At 50 degrees, the fish are not able to digest and will just cause an algae bloom later. Don't worry they will be fine. If you insist on feeding then use a low temp feed and once a week at most.
  • Clean as much algae and dead plant growth in the pond as you can by hand. It slows down this time of year and will leave you with a nice looking pond with less to decompose.
  • Late winter or early spring is the time to drain your small pond and clear out excess vegetation, clean any bio-filter, pressure wash the rocks and refill. This will result in a refreshed pond ready for another season of enjoyment. Don't forget to add enzymes when you refill.
     If you are still thinking about building a pond, this is a great time to start planning. Dig a test hole to make sure you don't have ground water that may require drainage under your pond. Think about your views of the pond from the house or other locations. Site your pond so that you can either enjoy the sound or not let it keep you awake at night (frogs love ponds). Prepare to provide an electrical source and were you can send overflow water in the winter. Feel free to call us for a full consultation to help get you started, or drop in and bring a photo or sketch of your site.

Summer Algae

     There are a number of methods to keep algae at a minimum. First is to determine why a 'bloom' is happening. Warm water with too much sun, out of balance ecosystem, overfeeding fish, insufficient filtering. It could be one or all of these reasons. Instead of spending money and time to 'band-aid' the symptoms, it is best to isolate the foundational problem and address it. A full sun pond should have between 50-70% coverage with plants or shade trees to help regulate water temp. Your recirculation system should cycle all of the water a minimum of once every two hours. That means a 4000 gallon pond should have at least a 2000gph pump running continuously. All ponds have algae, otherwise it would be a swimming pool. String algae is the hardest to deal with. With regular attention and a balanced pond, it can be kept to a minimum. We offer several products to maintain a balanced pond, as well as consulting to lead you in the right direction. Come by to see our pond and hear what we do to keep it clear and balanced.

      Don't run your pump on a timer. We recommend that your pump runs 24/7 and recirculate a minimum of once every two hours. If you are concerned about the electric bill, then we suggest a two pump setup. One pump is a low head/high efficiency pump for maintenance. The other is a 'show pump' for the waterfall and background noise.Talk to Keith if you have any questions. Visit the nursery to see how a skimmer and 'bog filter' works. While you are there, pick up some new plants, products, fish or feed. We offer a full range of options from monthly to annual maintenance or consultations.
Thanks and Happy Pondering.
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