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We offer a wide range of services for our area. Whether you are a builder/developer, Landscaper, Doing it Yourself, or need help Start to Finish, Living Earth Landscapes has much to offer Our Services Include:


We believe that by listening well, we will develop a plan that requires the least amending.


We perform most functions 'in-house'. That keeps the quality high and as the customer, you will have assurance that your project manager is educated and responsible for every aspect of your project. We train our employees in all functions and in return they perform high quality work to last a lifetime.

Supply / Brokerage
Don't need us to build? That's OK.  At our Garden Center you can find the resources and support to complete your project right the first time. With over 40 different free classes that run through the year combined with our consulting and project management abilities, no project is out of reach to the well informed.

Equipment Service
When possible we run our equipment on biodiesel and with our operator, we can perform most functions at rates less than renting it yourself. Trenching, Grading, Jackhammer, Auger, Tilling in hard to reach and tight access areas

We can bring back the gem that may still be buried under years of putting-it-off.

We design, install, supply and maintain irrigation systems

Water Features

We have experience with a wide assortment of water features. Whether it is a formal fountain, raised pond, to farm ponds and kid-friendly recirculating creeks and pondless waterfalls, we can provide quality components and service. See our specials page to read about our 5 step process.

Decorative Concrete
With an EliteCrete concrete overlay, we can renovate old walkways, driveways and patios. Texture or stamping can be applied and with a wide range of colors, concrete becomes a canvas for some amazing results. We also can install new flat work from stairs, ramps, driveways, patios plus retaining walls and general masonry.


Decks / Fences
Custom work does not have to be expensive when it is done efficiently. From sustainable lumber to colored and textured fence panels. Every project is unique when aesthetics and functionality are well balanced.

We perform one-time or seasonal clean-ups. Tree trimming, gutters, pressure washing.
Currently, we are only accepting regular contract maintenance with commercial or multi-property owner's

Large amounts of money can be saved when our owner, Keith Hamm, comes to your site for either a pre-design or pre-construction consult for your home. Too many times we have had customers come to us too late to avoid backtracking and we want to earn our pay by helping you do it right the first time. Builder's don't always take into account the needs of a landscape or the potentials to make the most of a site. Whether it's outdoor living space or a future view from a window or making sure water and erosion are mitigated in an ecological manner. Keith has the experience and resources to advise on many property related issues from 'garden coach' to multi-unit communal living space.

Project Management
Sometimes more than one visit is needed to help guide a client through a project. We offer that by means of assigning a project manager to you who can be 'on-call' to help a project stay on budget while keeping the quality high. A project manager can help you with any to all of these;
design lay-out
schedule tasks
plan take-offs
crew management
coordinate deliveries
set out plants
tech support
quality control
Combine this with the ability to supply all of your materials and no project is out of range for a do it yourselfer.

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